Egg Drop Soup and Frito Pie

Today I was alone in in house with no Persnickety.  Back to the old standby cooking in my handy dandy soup pot.  It's light, its durable, it gets the job done and is an old friend.  Egg Drop Soup, so simple! has several versions, but I cook with a pinch of this and a pinch of that, usually.

Egg Drop Soup for 1 or 2
-4 cups water
-3 chicken bullion cubes
-Bout 3 tablespoons parsley
-2 teaspoons powdered garlic
-2/3 tablespoons minced onion
-2 eggs

Boil water. While water is heating add parsley and garlic and onion. When it boils add bullion cubes and thoroughly dissolve.  mix the eggs as if for scrambled and dip fork, dropping egg into boiling soup.  Ta Da!

Dinner was a lets clean out the pantry creation.  No one in the house eats the Frito bags in the big bags of assorted potato chips.  So there were a lot.  I had to clean out the fridge today--leaking inside--that comes from not SHUTTING THE REFRIGERATOR DOOR, PERSNICKETY!  and found some  beef stew I had meant to cook.  Excellent!  Shredded cheese and onion? Check! And of course, there must be salsa. Guess what's for dinner? Frito pie.


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