Neoflam Cookware Review

Neoflam is touted as one of the best cookware sets. They are attractive, multifunctional, safe, and solid. Neoflam was created to be healthy and environmentally conscious kitchenware. You can bake, braise, sear, saute, fry, steam, microwave, and cook any way you please. Neoflam cookware is also microwave safe. They are a definite conversation piece, and can be used as a colorful addition to your serving dishes right at the table. The colorful lids and ancient design complement any kitchen. It will inspire you, entice you, and enchant your guests as they await they delicious dinners. A review of Neoflam has been included here. My attraction to it is the functionality and the attractiveness of the cookware. Pink and green and blue, old world charming. It can withstand temperature change with a no crack glaze and goes from oven to stove to fridge or freezer. my favorite for this is NF 1 quart Lime Green Pot Stove top Cookware. It is attractive to think of the functionality of going from stove top to refrigerator and then to microwave to table, plus it looks like a great conversation piece. You can find it here.
There is also another review by CookwareDiary here.  In this article, it is stated that: 

"The Neoflam Cookware set is quite a different from any other cookware. This set is made of high-quality aluminum and thick ceramic coating. It got the colorful exterior and white interior due to the ceramic coating. It also gets the most eye-catching design which will definitely grab any one’s attention. This set would be the center piece of your kitchen and cooking style."
It goes on to suggest the 7 piece set, such as this one in pink, is more favorable than a single pot or a large set for basic cooking needs. Neoflam has a unique shape to it compared to other cookware, and a definite quality compared to others. Pros are the lifetime limited warranty, lightweight, shape, ceramic coating construction, and versatility. Cons are that they are not dishwasher safe and not induction safe.  Overall it may cost more but will last longer, and reviews agree it is worth the price.


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