Best Kitchen Design Trends

The trend seems to be color in the modern kitchen, with backlighting and multi functional kitchen islands.  I researched kitchen trends, and also found that 'living walls' will be a trend in 2018.  What are living walls?  With a trend in botanicals and greenery, open spaces and natural looks, cunsumers are going to the next leven--feature walls made from moss.  It is a striking visual.

The pink, blue, or white is in for color.  Hello 1980's.  Color trend is also in for appliances.  Of course the natural wood and granite or stone, but also muti user functionality and open spaces  Moveable appliences, i.e. islands, are also big in 2018, and multi purpose trough sinks.  This feature was interesting to me, what is a multipurpose sink?  Its a sink, a wine cooler, a plant holder, a decor feature all attractively packaged to the the same feature.  See the link to the article here


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