I recently made a batch of oatmeal cookies---I love them even if no one else in the house does.  I use an old mom recipe, and its the best.  However, it turned out badly, and these never turn out badly.  I could not figure out what was wrong.  Here I'm including some baking /cookie sheet tips for cookies that turn out wrong.

If you find that your cookies keep coming out unevenly baked it means you are making some mistakes somewhere along the line.  It could be ingredients, could be your oven--those are the obvious links.  If those are not the cause, then you may want to take a look at your baking sheet.  I have not tried ceramic cookie sheets, but hear they are wonderful and cook evenly, although they might be a little heavy.  Mine are as old as the hills.

Mistake 1--All Baking Sheets are Created Equal

Don't choose the first sheet you see that looks pretty.  Do it right and don't pick the lightest and brightest, or the darkest non stick you can find. Not a good idea.  If you can only get one, get a good quality shiny aluminum one.  It really is a good idea to get new cookie sheets every now and again.  These sheets allow your cookies to bake quickly and ensure that they brown evenly as well.  They don't warp, so you can expect to use it over and over for a very longtime.  However, avoid aluminum baking sheets with a dark finish as they absorb more heat and may result in over cooked cookies.  Minimum cooking time is what a cook should aim for.

Mistake 2--A Sheet That Is Too Big

You get the best results if you leave 2 inches between the baking sheet and the oven wall on either side.  That allows air to circulate and helps cookies bake evenly.  I have the convection option on my oven to circulate air evenly. Because of the air circulation feature, I cook several batches at one time now--no more getting up every 10 minutes with a new batch to put in the oven.  Yayyy!

Mistake 3--Using A Hot Baking Sheet

Many, many of us are guilty.  When you put in only one pan at a time,  and have limited pans--well, I used to have one in the oven, one full about to go in, and just traded them off.  So, when the first batch of cookies are done and you want to put more cookie dough onto a baking sheet make sure you allow the baking sheet to cool first to allow for even baking.  If it is not cooled, that dough will be cooking before it gets in the oven, and that means UNEVEN COOKING.  The cookie dough will spread, the butter will melt, disaster will happen.  You can cool the sheet quickly by running it under the cold water tap and drying it
 Now, the mixing part is up to you.  But for light and fluffy anything, just combined is the way to go.


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