What's For Dinner?

Oh, the dilemma. What's for dinner? When Persnickety came home, I was tired from working on the computer all day. Normally, I'm a great cook (pat, pat) but tonight was a slow night. I love new recipes and I looove cooking blogs. Well, I think, tonight we are going to have a nice home cooked dinner! So I scramble together a 2 new recipes I read of recently on a cooking blog. It is fancy tri-colored noodles, onions, and cheese with a seasoned breadcrumb topping mixed in to be served with lettuce and roasted vegetables. So I boil and cook and mix from scratch. I make a fancy plate of fruit and cheese, and another of raw veggies with a dip. Chop, chop, chop on my trusty wooden cutting board. I throw on some homemade bread from my trusty bread maker's 1 hour setting and voila, it is all ready at 6! I put my feast on the table and hear footsteps. Persnickety peers around my arm. What to my disbelieving ears do I hear? 'Mom, I'n not hungry!' Persnickety then eats the equivalent of 2 small carrot sticks.
Cooking is hard when there is not many to cook for. Most recipes are geared to Servings for 6 or so. What do you do with the leftovers? Persnickety won't eat them. Make something that you like, or something you can recycle! Persnickety won't know the difference. Mom wasn't joking when she said we were having 'mystery Food' or Mystery Meat'. The Persnicketys of the world do not like leftovers. They must be disguised, and the best way is to plan your menu. Don't have stew the first night of the week, have tacos. The next day it could become taco soup with leftover corn, canned tomato, chopped onions. Cooked shrimp becomes shrimp scampi the next night, and if that does not do it, make a shrimp stew with cream of potato and cream of shrimp, along with some half and half, garlic, and red pepper. Leftover corn, green beans, noodles, squash? Vegetable soup. I keep some chicken stock around, and stock my kitchen with basics like cream of mushroom and chopped or diced tomato. The noodles I had made became both soup with carrots and celery and another noodle salad. The raw carrots became sauted carrots with butter and rosemary, and later boiled carrots. The roasted vegetables became my lunch the next day!


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