Kitchen Misadventures

Now, who can say this never happened at least once? I've had my share too (snicker, snicker). The caramel did not turn out well and I didn't know how to do the 'soft ball, hard ball' stage. Every 5 minutes, I was on the phone and taking pictures of my bubbling pot of candy. "Is it done yet? Look at this picture!' Never have I appreciated phone picture capability more. Snap, snap, snap. Call someone else. 'Is it done? Is it done? What do you mean I need a candy thermometer? Do I have to stir this stuff forever?' Yes indeed. I will tell you now that candy is not my forte. The fudge I made later that week turned out ok, though. 'Glossy, what do you mean glossy? Snap, snap. Is this glossy? Its OK, I like spoon fudge.' Sometimes, you just have to make the best of what you have. Give me fudge and a spoon and I'm happy to sit, watch tv, and think of the meaning of life. And the meaning of life is---drumroll please---FUDGE! In my last misadventure, it was pizza. I had the bright idea that I would indeed put it on the racks instead of a pan. First I covered with cheese, of course, loose, shredded cheese. I set the timer and settled down to read a book while I could. DING! Ok, lets take it out, but how? OK, lets see, spatula. Right? Yes! I can nudge it right into my hand--potholder please. Right? Wrong! And it slid. And slid. Thankfully, I have a self cleaning oven--don't judge me! I don't like pizza anyway, really. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles may have had it at every meal for the last 50 years but I can't do it anymore!
But those are just culinary adventures. My favorite story is when my sister set the kitchen cabinets on fire with a toaster. Fortunately, it was not my kitchen. When mom came home, the first thing said was, "Don't worry, I put it out." Who has a kitchen misadventure? Share your story!


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