Kids In the Kitchen

I read an interesting article today. I have been trying to work on getting Persnickety to cook with me in my kitchen. However, Persnickety does not like backed goods--kudos against childhood obesity--but there are several reasons kids should and can cook other things as well.
In the article, which you can find here, The author talks about the values kids can learn in the kitchen. Following directions, math, accomplishment, reading, learning about nutrition, artistic ability. Someone has to decorate those cupcakes! Cooking together is a definite way to spend time together and talk. Its a basic life skill, after all, and we will all need it at some point. Why have a small child cook when an older one can do much more? Many parents do not want to interrupt their child from whatever is capturing their interest to decorate fruit. Often, they can't provide 'help'. If they pick it up, they spill. If they touch it, it falls. They aren't safe around knives. Older kids, well, they just aren't interested. They barely slide in when you say dinners ready! But children who cook say 'I can'. Children who cook see possibilities. Children who cook learn communication skills and follow directions, and kids who cook want to eat what they have cooked. Since Easter is coming up fast, look at this recipe for kids for Bird's Nests.


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